Reviews for Cat Sitter's Pajamas : A Dixie Hemingway Mystery

Booklist Reviews 2012 January #1
Pet sitter Dixie Hemingway returns for a seventh adventure on Siesta Key in this charming cozy series. When checking on the cats of football player Cupcake Trillin while he and his wife are in Italy, Dixie discovers nearly nude supermodel Briana, who claims to be the star's wife. Dixie calls police while waiting outside. Upon returning, she finds a different woman dead on the floor in a pool of blood. After rescuing the cats from the crime scene, Dixie is stopped by Briana, who now insists that she did not murder anyone but admits that she and Cupcake, as teens, used to commit crimes together in their hometown. Dixie convinces Briana to turn herself in and then starts asking questions to find out the truth. In the meantime, she agonizes over her decision not to go to New Orleans with boyfriend Guidry. The characters and setting bring this mystery to life. Fans of pet mysteries, such as those by Laurie Berenson, will enjoy it, as will anyone hankering for a little virtual travel to Siesta Key. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2011 November #2
A Florida pet sitter is involved in yet another strange murder case. Two cats await Dixie Hemingway at the house of one of her favorite clients, pro football player Cupcake Trillin, who's vacationing in Italy with his wife Jancey. Waiting along with them is a near-naked woman who introduces herself as Briana and claims to be Cupcake's wife. Dixie calls first Cupcake and than the police, who enter only to find Briana gone and an unidentified woman dead on the floor. When Dixie leaves to take the cats to a sitter, Briana follows her, denies killing the woman and pleads for help. She maintains that she was Cupcake's friend when they were both growing up poor in Louisiana. Perhaps her former life as a police officer leaves Dixie open to such pleas, but it also leads her into many a dangerous situation. Questioned by an Interpol agent on loan to the FBI, Dixie realizes that this is more than a case of a disturbed woman and a simple murder. When she is attacked and her apartment ransacked, it only makes her more anxious to discover who is behind the murder and what the killer wants from her. Not on a par with Clement's best (Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons, 2011, etc.), but still full of interesting characters, both human and animal, and descriptions of Siesta Key that may have you booking a vacation. Copyright Kirkus 2011 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2011 November #1

At the start of Clement's engaging seventh Dixie Hemingway mystery (after 2011's Cat Sitter Among the Pigeons), Dixie is surprised to find a nearly naked woman, supermodel Briana, at the gated Siesta Key, Fla., home of vacationing pro football star Cupcake Trillin and his wife, Jancey, whose cats Dixie's pet-sitting,. After Briana claims to be Cupcake's wife, Dixie steps outside and phones Cupcake, who tells her to call the police. When Dixie re-enters with Deputy Jesse Morgan, Briana has fled and there's a dead woman lying in the living room. Briana later spins a tale of woe, and Dixie becomes enmeshed in the troubled model's complicated mix of lies and truths. One of Dixie's feline charges holds an important clue, though the final revelation will surprise few. Clement (1932-2011) left two forthcoming mysteries, and her son, John, has contracted to write more books in this animal-centric cozy series. (Jan.)

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