Reviews for Power Trip

Booklist Reviews 2012 December #1
At this point in her career, Jackie Collins is as much a brand as an author. Readers come to her books expecting sex, glamour, and a glimpse into the lifestyles of the rich and famous, and that's precisely what her newest delivers. Collins introduces a half-dozen couples she scarcely needs to develop as characters--a Russian oligarch, his supermodel girlfriend, and a George Clooney doppelgänger with his arm-candy-of-the-month are familiar types ripped straight from the pages of People magazine. Yes, they're a shallow, pampered lot, which is what makes them so much fun, though a few, most notably Luca, the gay Latino singing sensation, demonstrate surprising sensitivity. The tenuously connected group gathers for a cruise on a luxury yacht, a pretext that allows for much display of gorgeous bikinied bodies and provides the perfect claustrophobic setting to either bring lovers closer together or drive them apart. To this romantic intrigue, Collins adds a hijacking plot so that the final act reads like an action movie, complete with high-speed boat chases and Somali pirates. Classic Collins at her best. HIGH-DEMAND BACKSTORY: With some 500 million books sold, blockbuster-queen Collins will add another best-seller to her list of 29 as this hot novel is touted via an enormous national multimedia blitz and author appearances. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2012 December #1
A birthday cruise on the Sea of Cortez with some of the most beautiful people in the world is threatened first by personal intrigues and then by pirates. Life in the fast lane has hit the open seas. Collins (Goddess of Vengeance, 2011, etc.) returns with an impossibly glamorous cast vacationing on the Bianca, a yacht named for billionaire Russian businessman Aleksandr Kasianenko's mistress. Accompanying Aleksandr and supermodel Bianca are five other couples, all thinly disguised variations on real celebrities. Taye Sherwin, a U.K. soccer phenom, arrives with his interior designer wife, Ashley, who has forgiven but not forgotten Taye's infidelity. Cliff Baxter, commitment-phobic movie star, brings his girlfriend, Lori. Sinister Senator Hammond Patterson escorts his unhappy wife, Sierra, who hides his clandestine affairs behind her perfect politician's-wife facade. Luca Perez, Latin pop star, escorts his insufferably self-centered British boyfriend, Jeromy. And Flynn, jaded journalist, invites his enigmatic friend, Xuan, who once smuggled herself out of communist China and now chronicles injustices. But everyone has secrets, and one of Aleksandr's secrets has snagged in the mind of Russian mobster Sergei Zukov. Fairly obsessed with their own sexual hijinks and power bids, the couples are taken quite by surprise when pirates, aided by a mole onboard, invade the yacht. Yet, even the pirates have troubles, including a wayward girlfriend, conflicting plans and a tropical storm. Intrigue, scandal, rape and tragic (or not-so-tragic) deaths ensue. After the dust settles, a series of epilogues too neatly ties off the loose ends. The queen of chronicling the lives of the jet set, Collins toggles rapidly between plotlines, keeping the action moving and the sex abundant. Glitzy and exciting. Copyright Kirkus 2012 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Library Journal Reviews 2012 September #2
Too bad for the five powerhouse couples sailing with billionaire Russian oligarch Aleksandr Kasianenko on the Bianca, named for his supermodel squeeze. Russian mobster Sergei Zukov has it in for Kasianenko. A one-day laydown on February 5. (c) Copyright 2012. Library Journals LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Media Source, Inc. No redistribution permitted.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2012 December #4

In Collins's latest, five couples are invited aboard Russian billionaire Aleksandr Kasianenko's yacht to celebrate the birthday of his supermodel girlfriend, Bianca. During the week away from it all, Taye Sherwin, a famous, black British footballer and his wife, Ashley, a blonde with paid-for breasts, rekindle their stalled sex life; Sierra, the self-medicated wife of a sleazy U.S. Senator Hammond Patterson Jr., asserts herself against her mercurial beast of a husband; Sierra's former lover Flynn, a renegade journalist, and his stalwart colleague Xuan, "beautiful, strong-minded, and conveniently more into women than men," don't quite fit in; sweet Latin pop sensation Luca Perez learns that his lover, Jeremy, arrogant and money hungry, wants to role-play his fetishes outside their bedroom; and movie star Cliff Baxter begins to think that Lori, his girlfriend-of-the-moment, may be a keeper. After the guests spend days lounging and dining in luxury on the Sea of Cortez, the ship is stormed by pirates, leading to a fantastical denouement. Climbing aboard with this sea of extravagant creatures, whose sexual tastes lie on the fringe of raunchy, is abashedly rousing, and what more could one hope for from Collins? Agent: Morton Janklow, Janklow & Nesbit Associates. (Feb.)

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