Reviews for Undaunted : Daring to Do What God Calls You to Do

Booklist Reviews 2013 November #2
In this student edition of Caine's 2012 adult book of the same title, the author brings her professions and expressions of faith to a younger audience. Starting with shocking incidents of human trafficking (she and her husband started the antitrafficking organization A21 Campaign), she moves on to the hardships in her own life. Abused during her childhood, Caine ties together her own fears and disappointments with the larger idea that God is near enough to protect, guide, and love, no matter what the circumstances. Throughout, biblical verses bolster Caine's points, and each chapter concludes with a Thoughts section, which invites readers to think about themselves and their issues in new ways. The book finishes up with a powerful idea that may shake more than a few readers: teens should listen to God's voice within and find ways to change the world around them. (In cases where stepping up would disrupt one's life, she does suggest that individuals should seek counsel.) A religious call that will intrigue many. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

VOYA Reviews 2013 December
The story of Christine Caine's life journey includes many moments of self-doubt. She is continually stalwart in her faith, though, and believes that God's plan for her will get her through the tough times unscathed. She tells of how she and her husband founded the A21 Campaign ministry, which helps victims of human trafficking. She also details her astounding adoption story and how she did not know that she was adopted until her early 30s. Caine also gives less dramatic anecdotes about how faith in God and his plan can help people through everyday situations. She writes that listening to the voice of God will let you know how to best follow him, even when you are busy or without many resources While this title does inspire some introspection, it does not tackle any deep subject matter or get to the heart of any faith-related issues. Church youth groups may like this title; they can read through it together and use the questions at the end of the chapters to promote discussion. This is a student edition of an adult book, and perhaps the adult version may contain more in-depth content. The student version, though, comes off as saccharine and fluffy. This title would provide adequate conversational topics for a church group and it includes a list of all bible resources used in the end notes. This is a purchase only for libraries with a large Christian youth population.--Morgan Brickey 3Q 2P J S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.