Reviews for Circle Maker : Dream Big, Pray Hard, Think Long

Booklist Reviews 2013 February #1
This edition of Batterson's adult book of the same name calls upon young people to take a look at their lives, and encourages them to dream big, pray hard, and think long. Drawing on the example of a Talmudic holy man, Honi, whose story incorporates the image of a prayer circle, Batterson (with input from his son) uses this theme throughout as he invites readers to think of ways to enrich their lives and the lives of others through prayer. This also sounds, in some places, like a prosperity gospel, as readers are encouraged to ask for and expect miracles. Batterson shares his story and that of his ministry, and while the stories are not always relevant to his audience (which he admits), his sincerity comes through. And unlike some other books of this ilk, this title does not so much make fanciful promises as it encourages readers to really consider their lives and what they need rather than what they want, and it shows them paths to peace and happiness. There are workbooklike activities at the end of each chapter, and because of the relatability of the message, kids may be moved to try them. Copyright 2012 Booklist Reviews.