Reviews for Okay for Now : Library Edition

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2012 #2
In Schmidt's 1968-set novel, Doug Swieteck (from The Wednesday Wars, rev. 7/07) moves with his family to boring old Marysville, New York, after his hotheaded father gets fired (again). Doug's rough-and-tumble life begins to turn around after he discovers his artistic side, courtesy of a collection of John Audubon bird prints. Some caring adults and scrappy new friend Lil Spicer help Doug fulfill his potential. Narrator Hoppe effectively channels Doug's ready-to-fight persona, practically spitting out the character's oft-used maxim: "So what?" Doug's unguarded moments are also sensitively voiced, evading melodrama as the story careens around its many emotion-packed curves. elissa gershowitz Copyright 2012 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.