Reviews for Give My Regrets to Broadway

Booklist Reviews 2004 May #1
Gr. 3-5. All the world's a stage, and all the players are suspects in fourth-grade lizard sleuth Chet Gecko's eighth mystery. Emerson Hickey Elementary School is starting to rehearse a new play, Omlet: The Prince of Denver, when Scott, the lead, disappears. Horrified to be cast as Scott's replacement, Chet is desperate to find "the missing thespian." As Gecko's fans will know, there are lots of wild complications ahead, including a bruiser of a badger who is out to stop Chet, and a ghost who haunts rehearsals. Kids may be puzzled by the story's loose connections, and many of the Shakespearean references will fly over their heads. But whether or not they know Hamlet's story, they'll pick up the slapstick in lines such as, "Alas, poor Yorick, / You're really, really dead / There's nothing left behind you / Except an empty head." There's also plenty of satisfying silliness in the cast of buffoonish teachers, Chet's tough-guy appeal, and the usual repertoire of painfully corny puns and similes. Hale's own black-and-white drawings illustrate. ((Reviewed May 1, 2004)) Copyright 2004 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2004 Fall
When the star of the Emerson Hicky Elementary School musical disappears, his replacement, detective Chet Gecko, juggles tracking down the actor with memorizing his lines ("To be or not to be. That's indigestion") and wisecracking with mockingbird sidekick, Natalie Attired. The story, gags, and comical black-and-white art featuring the all-animal school crowd are up to Gecko standards. Copyright 2004 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2004 March #3
Also taking to the spotlight is the familiar fourth-grade gumshoe in Bruce Hale's Give My Regrets to Broadway. In this pun-laden installment in the Chet Gecko mysteries, someone is trying to sabotage the Emerson Hickey Elementary school play, Omlet, Prince of Denver. It's once again up to Chet and sidekick Natalie Attired to solve the case while being bugged and badgered by classmates, teachers and the mysterious, haunting Phantom. Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.