Reviews for From Russia with Lunch

Booklist Reviews 2009 February #1
When a mystery arises, possibly involving members of the school staff replaced by contraptions such as the Bibliomalgamator, which slings inappropriate books at students, and the Munchmeister 2000, which dispenses bowls of pizza-flavored glop, Chet Gecko, "Emerson Hicky Elementary s top lizard detective," and his partner in crime solution, mockingbird Natalie Attired, spring into action. The story unfolds in Chet s entertaining first-person narrative, laced with puns, wisecracks, and mentions of edible treats involving insect ingredients. Illustrated with occasional pencil drawings, this amusing book concludes with the famous grade-school gumshoe introducing each of the 13 previous volumes in the popular Chet Gecko Mystery series. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2009 Fall
With Emerson Hicky Elementary's students acting like they're "hopped up on s'mores and sleeplessness," PI Chet Gecko wonders if they've been hit with a Wiccan hex. Or were their lunches spiked by the Munchmeister 2000's inventor or a bitter ex-employee? Chet's nonstop wisecracks and sidekick Natalie's jokes are, per usual, giggle- (and groan-) inducing. Black-and-white illustrations display the animal cast's antics. Copyright 2009 Horn Book Guide Reviews.