Reviews for Zombie Queen of Newbury High

Booklist Reviews 2009 April #1
"In a welcome break from the current trend in vampire romances, Ashby here offers a lighthearted skewering of the genre. High-school senior Mia inadvertently casts a spell that turns her entire senior class into flesh-eating zombies who believe that she is their especially tasty queen. Fortunately, the new kid at school, Chase, is actually an agent from the Department of Paranormal Containment, and it s his job to make sure such things never come to pass. It takes four days for the spell to fully evolve, so Mia; her best friend, Candice; and Chase spend that time romping through truly funny predicaments while desperately seeking to reverse the spell. Ashby s clever dialogue and familiarity with all things Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer) combine to create a light and addictive tongue-in-cheek homage to both standard romance novels and all things Goth. Characterization is minimal, but that s not what will keep readers turning pages; Ashby s deft, light tone and appreciation for the confining rigidity of high-school class structure drive this predictable yet highly entertaining tale."

School Library Journal Reviews 2009 June

Gr 7-10--Mia is ecstatic. She is the "smart girl" who has finally been invited to the prom by the football team captain. But when she suspects that the cheerleading golden girl is making a move on her date, her insecurity gets the better of her, and she seeks refuge in the occult. A friend convinces her to purchase a "love spell" from a local "herbalist." Unfortunately, it is the wrong one, and she turns her entire school into flesh-eating zombies whose biggest craving is Mia. Enter Chase, a mild-mannered new kid who happens to work for the Department of Paranormal Containment; obviously, with Chase on the scene, the football captain is old news. Zombie Queen is light, fast-paced, and not particularly scary. Vaguely reminiscent of Men in Black, this book will quench the thirst of the Christopher Pike and R. L. Stine set.--Leah Krippner, Harlem High School, Machesney Park, IL

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VOYA Reviews 2009 February
When Mia's dream-come-true plans for the prom begin to look questionable, her best friend, Candice, steps in to help. The problem is that Candice's help involves bad magic, a love spell that is not really a love spell. The spell actually is a Viral Zombaticus that begins to turn everyone at the senior class awards ceremony--students and teachers alike--into flesh-eating zombies, including Mia's dreamy prom date, Rob, and Candice. Fortunately the transformation comes in stages, which gives Mia and Chase--the new guy in school who just happens to be a zombie hunter for the Department of Paranormal Containment--a chance to reverse the spell and save the senior class from exterminationPulling from many of the most clichÈd of teen topics--popularity wars, obsessing over a prom date, battling with a sibling--this book might not be the most original of the trendy horror genre, but it still has its charm. Readers are told, for example, that protagonist Mia is an avid Buffy, Angel, and Supernatural fan, which despite being a rather undeveloped trait, works to build a character who probably looks a lot like the ideal reader of this book/genre. This title will probably be well circulated, but it might not be well remembered.--Jennifer Miskec 3Q 4P M J S Copyright 2009 Voya Reviews.