Reviews for Minnie and Moo and the Potato from Planet X

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2002 Fall
Unlike their previous escapades, in which the hapless bovines misinterpret normal events as abnormal occurrences, this time Minnie and Moo witness something truly strange: a potato delivering for Universal Package Service crashes on their farm. Using coincidence rather than his trademark animal ingenuity, Cazet solves the UPS problem with rocket retrofitting and a generous donation of MinnieƆs white ""space fuel."" Copyright 2002 Horn Book Guide Reviews

Kirkus Reviews 2002 March #1
Cazet's cows are back (Minnie and Moo Meet Frankenswine, 2001, etc.), charming as ever, in an easy reader that is as loopy as ever. Minnie and Moo are soaking in the summer sun when a spaceship plows into the adjacent field. At first they think it might be a new type of tractor, but then the pilot, a one-eyed potato with green bristles whose name is Spud, pops out. Spud tells them the alarming news that he is in the process-after stopping for donuts and then getting lost-of delivering some anti-bump cream to prevent the planets from bumping themselves to bits. Now he needs to repair his spaceship and secure some space fuel. Repairing the rocket is no sweat-Minnie and Moo let Spud cannibalize their farm tractor for parts; they know it has the necessaries because they took the tractor to the Moon on a previous adventure. But the space fuel, that's a tickler, until Minnie has a brainstorm: Could Milk be space fuel? Yes, cries Spud, though it must have high-cream content. Minnie's the cow to deliver just such, which she does, demurely, as a barnyard chorus warbles "Home, Home on the Range." Spud blasts off and all is right in a bump-free solar system. Weird in all the right ways, from the strange little verbal asides to Minnie's mop of blond curls. Another mooover from Cazet. (Easy reader. 4-8) Copyright Kirkus 2002 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved

School Library Journal Reviews 2002 June
PreS-Gr 2-Minnie and Moo are surprised by a one-eyed, package-delivering, potatolike alien named Spud, who crash-lands his UPS ("Universal Package Service") spaceship in their pasture. He needs another ship and five gallons of "space fuel" to deliver a tube of Anti-Bump Cream to prevent planets from bumping into one another-and he has 30 minutes to get the job done. He fixes a tractor to replace his ship, but still needs space fuel. Luckily, that fuel turns out to be a white liquid that tastes good with chocolate-chip cookies that's right, milk. And Minnie, dairy cow that she is, complies. (How a cow can milk herself is anybody's guess.) Spud successfully departs, saves the planets from disaster, and somehow replaces the tractor and leaves a box of donuts by the end of the eighth chapter. (Whew!) The narrative is convoluted to the extreme. Verbal gags are weak; the good one(s) may well be missed by beginning readers. Illustrations are appropriately playful. However, silly stories should still make silly sense, and this one is too muddled to be amusing.-Mary Ann Carcich, Mattituck-Laurel Public Library, Mattituck, NY Copyright 2002 Cahners Business Information.