Reviews for Nancy Clancy Sees the Future

Booklist Reviews 2013 December #1
Can Nancy Clancy predict the future? If JoJo hadn't dropped her Magic 8 ball, it might be able to tell her. But when Nancy foresees several occurrences (Dad will bring pizza for dinner, for instance), she is convinced she has a special gift. And so wearing her neighbor's fortune-teller-like flowy clothes and dangly earrings (clip-ons, alas), Nancy sets up shop in the school playground to offer her services at 25 cents a pop. Unfortunately, her visions become a little cloudy. The third title in the winning Nancy Clancy mystery series, this is another energetic offering--full of fancy words like boudoir--and it will have huge appeal to budding sleuths. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2014 Spring
When Nancy makes a few correct predictions, she decides she's a fortuneteller. For a quarter a pop, she answers questions at recess; Nancy predicts Clara, a notoriously bad speller, will fail her spelling test. How can Nancy undo her upsetting prophecy? This charming chapter book features engaging, sympathetic characters and is accompanied by Glasser's always-appealing curlicue-heavy line drawings.