Reviews for Stunning

Booklist Reviews 2013 September #1
This entry in the Pretty Little Liars series steps up the typically complex suspense with one plot thread involving Emily's newborn baby and another featuring Aria's discovery that her boyfriend's father is a cross-dresser. More typical of this series, other elements involve Spencer's travails along the route to finding an in-crowd as an early-admissions student at Princeton and Hanna's role in her father's political campaigning. Fans of the series already know that suspension of disbelief is a prerequisite for enjoyment. As ever, the mysterious A remains the ominous texting threat, pulling the strings in the four friends' efforts to straighten out their lives. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2013 Spring
All the Pretty Little Liars continue to be terrorized and manipulated by "A," but Emily, who secretly gave up a baby for adoption, has the most to lose. The girls suspect, therefore, that their stalker is a woman who wanted Emily's baby. This twelfth installment answers few questions, but it's characteristically well paced and still contains some surprises (like a cross-dressing dad).