Reviews for Immortal Hearts

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2012 Fall
Ever since Raven started dating vampire Alexander, she has been waiting for him to turn her. When Alexander's little sister Stormy visits, Raven hopes that her commonalities with Stormy will convince him that the vampire life is for her. While lacking character authenticity and tension, this final installment is still the light and romantic Gothic romp the series' fans will expect.

VOYA Reviews 2012 August
The author concludes her series about the undead with this ninth installment about goth teen and still-mortal Raven pursuing her "dreamy" vampiric boyfriend, Alexander. In this volume she comes ever closer in her ongoing efforts to get Alexander to turn her--to make her a vampire and become his eternal mate. In her way stands a plethora of mortals and vampires who conspire to have her or her boyfriend. The crux of this book centers around the arrival of Alexander's sister, another vampire who becomes Raven's best friend while setting her sights on Raven's nerdy brother. The remainder of the book follows the female characters as they shop, hang out in the school hallways, or attend the goth nightclub where the real vampires hang out. The dialogue vacillates between bitchy and gossipy as the characters connive, plot, and pout. The novel is promoted as a title for reluctant readers, probably female. Do not look for high-quality literature here; there is very little character development or imagination. The town's name is Dullsville. Nocturnal romances are still quite popular, though, and it is a good thing to encourage reluctant readers. The author is also known for another series that features werewolves. This is recommended for stockers of the series; otherwise, it is not an essential purchase.--Kevin Beach 2Q 4P M J S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.