Reviews for No Good Duke Goes Unpunished

Booklist Reviews 2013 December #1
*Starred Review* Temple thought he killed her. Twelve years ago, he woke up, very drunk, in Mara Lowe's bedchamber. The sheets were stained with blood, and Mara was nowhere to be seen. Dallying with his father's latest bride-to-be on the night before her wedding is scandalous enough, but the possibility that he may have murdered her as well makes Temple a social outcast. Now the "Killer" Duke of Lamont, Temple has built a new life for himself as the part-owner and muscle behind London's most notorious gambling hell, the Fallen Angel. When Temple hears footsteps following him home late one night, the last person he expects to see when he turns around is a dead woman. Mara ruined his life, but now she offers Temple the redemption he desperately craves, if he will only meet her demands. In the third stunning installment of her Rule of Scoundrels series, RITA Award-winning MacLean richly rewards readers with a dark, intense, and supremely sexy story that will connect emotionally on every level. Brimming with brilliant dialogue, memorable characters, and just the right dash of dry wit, No Good Duke Goes Unpunished is everything a romance should be. Copyright 2013 Booklist Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2013 December #1
A duke who has lived under the shadow of suspicion for a murder he's not sure he didn't commit holds the possibility of redemption in his hands when the lady reappears, alive and well, though she brings other threats--to his equilibrium and to his heart. Twelve years ago, William Harrow, Marquess of Chapin and heir to the dukedom of Lamont, woke up on the morning of his father's wedding to find that he was in the would-be bride's bed, along with an astonishing amount of blood, and that the lady herself was nowhere to be found. Under a cloud of suspicion of murder, the marquess was banished from his family and from polite society, resurrecting himself as Temple, first a street fighter, then a partner in the Fallen Angel, the exclusive London casino. Members of the club may petition for the opportunity to challenge the undefeated Temple in the boxing ring; if the challenge is accepted and the patron wins, all of his debts will be forgiven. One dark night, Temple is approached by none other than long-lost Mara Lowe, assumed dead at Temple's hands. Mara's brother has lost everything to the Fallen Angel, and she promises to re-enter London society and prove Temple is innocent in exchange for debt forgiveness. Understandably angry, Temple decides on another path, one that will ruin Mara once and for all. Mara has more at stake than her brother's fortune, but given Temple's angry reception of her, she's can't trust him with her secrets, even as she finds herself inexplicably drawn to the enigmatic outcast. As for Temple, the closer he gets to his retribution, the more he wonders if he hasn't well and truly met his match in every possible way, questioning his thirst for vengeance. In the third installment of the Rules of Scoundrels series, MacLean once again creates compelling and complex characters and sets them on a path toward love and reconciliation that begins with seemingly impossible odds and ends with exquisite fulfillment. Beguiling and emotionally lush. Copyright Kirkus 2013 Kirkus/BPI Communications.All rights reserved.

Library Journal Reviews 2013 December #1

Driven into obscurity after he wakes in a blood-drenched bed and is assumed to have killed young Mara Lowe, William Harrow, Marquess of Chapin, reemerges as Temple, the notorious Killer Duke, the unbeatable fighter at the Fallen Angel. But Mara is not dead, and when she comes to Temple with a frantic offer to reappear and restore his reputation in payment for absolving her brother's gambling debts, he sees his chance for revenge--if he can bring himself to ruin a woman he is coming to love. VERDICT Guilt, responsibility, and vengeance war with passion, love, and control issues in this exquisitely crafted, insightful tale that will keep readers enthralled. It also hints at the true identity of the Fallen Angel's owner, the enigmatic Chase. Watch for his story next year! MacLean (One Good Earl Deserves a Lover) lives in Brooklyn.

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