Reviews for Lauren Conrad Style

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2011 Spring
With Elise Loehnen. Reality-show star Conrad gives teens friendly advice on everything from buying the right jeans to makeup application to packing a suitcase. The magazine-like layout features (exclusively) photos of Conrad and recommended clothes and accessories, many of them carrying designer labels and price tags inaccessible to most readers--like Louboutin heels. Still, fans may find inspiration for their own personal styles. Copyright 2011 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

VOYA Reviews 2011 February
Packed full of trendy fashion tips and advice, this book will fascinate teenage girls. Early chapters cover how and where to shop to build a wardrobe and provide hints for organizing a closet. Conrad identifies basic wardrobe essentials and explains how to accessorize to create many different looks with a few key components. She also includes a very easy solution for hemming your own jeans. A basic shoe wardrobe is outlined, paring things down to essential buys. Makeup tips cover daytime to nighttime, advising quick basic routines that can have you looking your best and out the door in ten minutes. A section on managing long hair shows how Lauren dresses her hair up or down to suit the occasion. In addition, packing for travel is outlined, along with basics to create multiple looks for vacation or road trips. Suggestions are also given for appropriate looks for school and work The text is funny and down to earth, constantly interspersing advice with humor. Suggestions are practical and affordable for the average teen, such as altering thrift store or consignment finds and storing clothes so they last longer. She tackles issues of self-esteem, admitting that no woman is ever satisfied with her own body. Color photographs complement the text. A funny shot of an evening gown held together with giant clamps illustrates that professional photos only show what the photographer wants you to see. Overall, this is a very comprehensive and insightful look at fashion for today's young women.--Nancy Wallace Photos. Source Notes. 4Q 5P J S Copyright 2011 Voya Reviews.