Reviews for Lady's Guide to Improper Behavior

Booklist Reviews 2010 May #2
*Starred Review* Colonel Bartholomew "Tolly" James has come home from India a broken man. Physically crippled by the notorious Thugees, Tolly also bears the guilt of being the sole survivor of the massacre that took the lives of those under his command. By turns rude and sullen, Tolly has alienated himself from proper society. Theresa Weller sees something in Tolly that others fail to perceive. Yes, he's insufferable, yet somehow she's attracted to him. Powerful men with interests in Indian trade begin to slander Tolly, labeling him a coward who deserted his men, and calling the Thugees a fabrication Tolly used to protect his reputation. With her carefully drawn characters and plot chock-full of political intrigue, greed, and scandal, Enoch has put a nifty Regency spin on the Beauty and the Beast story. This exciting tale of a hero wronged in his own land, only to find salvation through the true love and steadfast faith of his soulmate will appeal to fans of Candace Camp and Virginia Henley. Copyright 2009 Booklist Reviews.