Reviews for Nation

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2009 #4
Pratchett fans may at first be dismayed to find there are no tiny blue men in this non-Discworld book set in an alternate (but familiar) universe, but listeners will quickly succumb to Nation's magic. Two distinctly different young people -- Mau, an island boy; and Daphne, unknowing heir to the British throne -- are thrown together as the result of a devastating tsunami. Mau must come to terms with the fact that his whole village is gone, while proper Daphne learns to live in a manner completely foreign to her. There is plenty of energy and emotion in this coming-of-age story, and Briggs masterfully employs inflection and pacing to reveal the story's richness and humor. As Mau and Daphne rebuild the Nation, Briggs builds a narrative environment well-suited to the tale, meshing his style with Pratchett's for a winning result. Copyright 2009 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.