Reviews for Bindings

VOYA Reviews 2003 December
In the first book of this series, The Invitation (HarperCollins, 2003/VOYA August 2003), Timothy Hunter learned that he was a powerful magician and he was escorted to the beginning and end of time, a magical present time, and a timeless faeriworld. That book seemed directionless, but this second book provides direction. Here Timothy discovers his true father, and perhaps the threads of a story underlying this book and left unresolved-that of Timothy's origins. Timothy is the unwittinmagician who can save Faerie from the deadly desert syndrome that seems part of every fantasy from Baum to Wrede. This time it is a manticore that has imprisoned (and bottled) such mythic animals as the sphinx, griffin, and unicorn. He is alsimprisoning Faerie itself. What must Timothy give up to save Faerie? He performs the usual but with a twist to lead readers to the next in the series. Unlike the first book, which jerked the reader from world to world, this sequel is a story of Timothy's character beginning to develop, along with mysteries that he has yet to resolve. Based on Neil Gaiman's graphic series of the same titles, thifantasy is not the best he has produced, but it is satisfying and quite alluring. This reviewer will read on.-Lynne Hawkins. 3Q 3P M J Copyright 2004 Voya Reviews.