Reviews for Scaredy-cat, Splat!

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2011 Spring
Determined to win scariest Halloween costume, cat Splat dresses as a spider; however, he finds his classmates' costumes much scarier. During the telling of a ghost story, Splat ends up with a jack-o'-lantern on his head--which frightens his classmates and wins Splat first prize. The series' slapstick humor and zany illustrations starring the static-electricity-furred kitty are on full display. Copyright 2011 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2016 Spring
Splat wants to be crowned scariest cat at school, but it's not looking good: his witch's broom is broken, so now he's in a homemade spider costume with colorful socks for legs. A comedy of errors during Mrs. Wimpydimple's ghost story gets him the prize. The story's humor relies on its illustrations, in which the frizzy, always-frazzled cat is as emotive as usual.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2010 August #3

In Splat's latest holiday adventure, his "witch's cat" Halloween costume meets with an accident, so his mother uses a spider as inspiration to make him a new one. Unfortunately, his friends Spike and Plank don't even blink when he dons his "big, scary sock spider" costume, and Splat doubts he'll win the school prize for scariest cat. Splat's perma-flustered expression and the eye-popping dramatics of his fellow cats are particularly well suited to the chills of Halloween. Ages 3-7. (Sept.)

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School Library Journal Reviews 2015 September

PreS-Gr 2--This Halloween, Splat the Cat is determined to win the scariest costume award at school; however, Splat is too much of a scaredy-cat--even his costume seems more silly than scary. When Splat sees his classmates' costumes, he knows that he will never win the contest. Things seem to take a turn when his teacher, Mrs. Wimpydimple, begins to tell a ghost story to the class. Splat gets so scared during the story that he tips over the jack-o'-lantern, plunging everything into darkness. When the lights return, everyone screams in fright at to the creature in the room with a jack-o'-lantern on his head. As it turns out, Splat was the scary creature, and he wins the award for scariest costume. Fans of Splat the Cat will be pleased to see another series entry. As with the previous volumes, nothing seems to work out as clumsy Splat plans, but his silly misadventures always turn out for the best. Scotton has a gift for impeccable timing to coordinate with his humor, and the colorful illustrations add life to the story. Although this is an engaging read for children, the plot is a little thin and there is no real takeaway. VERDICT This is a great addition for libraries whose patrons already have a foundation of love for Splat.--Brittney Kosev, Terra Vista Middle School, Wolforth, TX

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