Reviews for Dance With a Vampire

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2008 Spring
The romantic adventures of Goth teen Raven and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander, start to develop an actual plot arc when Valentine Maxwell, the vampire brother of Raven's previously defeated nemesis, threatens Raven's annoying younger brother. The central conflicts of this humorous, fluffy series are overstated, but the fast-moving story is unexpectedly heartwarming. Copyright 2008 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2007 November

Gr 7 Up --Sixteen-year-old Raven Madison, Goth-girl extraordinaire, and her vampire boyfriend, Alexander Sterling, are once again saving Dullsville from the undead. The book starts off where the third ended with the sudden appearance of Valentine Maxwell, the younger sibling of evil Jagger and Luna. Maxwell has befriended Raven's younger brother and his best friend, putting them in danger. Until now, Alexander has resisted the idea of turning Raven into a creature of the night; when she realizes that her lifetime dream may become a reality, she gets cold feet and their relationship becomes strained. This novel stands on its own, but is more satisfying if readers are familiar with events in the earlier books. Raven's character continues to develop, and teens will identify with her needs, attitude, and desires. Although the story lacks the intensity of Annette Curtis Klause's The Silver Kiss (1990) and Atwater Rhodes's Demon in My View (2000), Shattered Mirror (2001), and Midnight Predator (2002, all Delacorte), it's a good choice for Goth lovers and fans of romantic vampire stories.--Donna Rosenblum, Floral Park Memorial High School, NY

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VOYA Reviews 2007 June
The turbulence continues in the best novel yet of Schreiber's Vampire Kisses series. Raven and Alexander are still inseparable, and Raven is desperate to become a vampire-or so she thinks. But as usual, before they are free to explore their relationship, they have a problem to solve. Valentine, a vampire and "blood reader" who discerns people's thoughts by touching them, has come to Dullsville unbeknownst to his twin siblings, Jagger and Luna, to help them seek revenge on Alexander for a long-ago misunderstanding. Now Valentine has set his sights on Raven's younger brother Billy. In the midst of planning for the prom, Raven and Alexander must also track the elusive Valentine. They finally catch up with him on prom night, just as he is about to sink his fangs into Billy. The novel ends on a juicy but tearful note, when Valentine reveals to a surprised Raven that her nemesis Trevor is actually attracted to her. Alexander, who feels torn about his desire to turn Raven into his vampire mate, sadly tells her that he must leave Dullsville indefinitely in order to deliver Valentine to Jagger and Luna This novel, like the first three, is never short on laughs and shudders. Alexander is as romantic as ever, and Raven is still delightfully earthy. Schreiber again concocts a lively and suspenseful story that ends on a tantalizing cliffhanger. Fans of the series will be anxious to find out whether Raven's relationship with Alexander will survive.-Dotsy Harland PLB $16.89. ISBN 978-0-06-113224-7. 4Q 4P J S Copyright 2007 Voya Reviews.