Reviews for Pinhoe Egg : A Chrestomanci Book

Booklist Reviews 2006 September #2
There's magic afoot, and no wonder, for Jones' latest book extends her Chrestomanci fantasy series, which began with Charmed Life (1977). In the village of Ulverscote, young witch Marianne Pinhoe watches her aging, headstrong grandmother's mental decline, which is unfortunately unaccompanied by a waning of her magical powers. Meanwhile, at the nearby castle, another young enchanter, Cat, prefers riding his new horse, Syracuse, to teleportation, but while riding through the countryside, Cat discovers that something is amiss in the neighboring woodland. In the end, the wizard Chrestomanci separates local history from superstition and brings peace to the area. Magical creatures, spells, castles, and bicycles come together in Jones' alternate world, which offers a refreshing change from the settings of more traditional fantasies. A must for Chrestomanci fans, this solidly entertaining tale is also accessible to readers new to the series. ((Reviewed September 15, 2006)) Copyright 2006 Booklist Reviews

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2007 Spring
Cat, the young nine-lived enchanter, is adjusting to life at Chrestomanci Castle, while villager Marianne Pinhoe is destined to be the next head of her clan. Jones's ability to create believable young characters and to pit them against cruel or indifferent adults is as masterful as ever. The story's resolution will leave readers cheering and hoping for future adventures for Chrestomanci's wards. Copyright 2007 Horn Book Guide Reviews.

Horn Book Magazine Reviews 2006 #5
This latest Chrestomanci novel takes place after the events of Charmed Life (rev. 8/78) and Magicians of Caprona (rev. 8/80). Cat, the young nine-lived enchanter, is adjusting to life at Chrestomanci Castle and learning to ride his new horse. While exploring the local forests, he uncovers a surprising "misdirection" spell and a terrifying gamekeeper. Meanwhile, villager Marianne Pinhoe, destined to be the next Gammer (head) of her clan, is constantly being ordered about by family members -- especially her increasingly eccentric grandmother, the current Gammer. Marianne is trying to stop a war between the Pinhoe clan and the Farleigh clan that is, unbeknownst to the rest of the Pinhoes, being covertly conducted by her grandmother. When she meets Cat, she unknowingly gives him a griffin egg and breaks her family's sacred trust to keep the "hidden folk" -- remember that "misdirection" spell? -- from getting loose. Both Cat and Marianne have trouble asserting themselves and too easily take others at their word. Jones uses these traits expertly to show the consequences, both good and bad, of questioning authority. Jones's ability to create believable characters and to pit them against cruel or indifferent adults is as masterful as ever. The mystery surrounding Marianne's family will stun readers; the resolution will leave them cheering, and hoping that it signals more adventures for Chrestomanci's wards -- now including Marianne and her mechanically gifted brother Tom -- in the future. Copyright 2006 Horn Book Magazine Reviews.

Kirkus Reviews 2006 September #2
Another joyful romp in Jones's Chrestomanci universe. Marianne's summer's been ruined. Her horrible grandmother, Gammer Pinhoe, has lost her mind and Marianne has to spend her holidays training to be the next Gammer. It's a terrible fate: Gammer's job is to govern the family and hide them from Chrestomanci, the civil servant in charge of magic. Dreadful days of looking after Gammer's cat Nutcase, stewing herbs for her family's illegal spells and visiting Gammer are finally disrupted when she meets the young enchanter Cat Chant. Cat lives up at the Big House and is training to be the next Chrestomanci, so Marianne should be avoiding him like the plague-but she quite likes him. Though it seems likely that Cat will cause nothing but trouble for the Pinhoes and their criminal spellcasting, she has so much fun when she's plotting with Cat and his friend, the griffin Klartch. This chaotic adventure, full of familiar characters, will delight old and new fans alike. (Fantasy. 10-13) Copyright Kirkus 2006 Kirkus/BPI Communications. All rights reserved.

Publishers Weekly Reviews 2006 September #2

Wynne Jones is at the top of her form in this excellent addition to the Chrestomanci books, set not long after the events chronicled in Charmed Life . Marianne's summer gets off to an unpromising start, thanks to her grandmother, the willful and manipulative Gammer Pinhoe, head of all Pinhoe family witchcraft in Ulverscote and the other villages surrounding Chrestomanci Castle. Marianne becomes errand-runner for her entire extended family when Gammer lurches into a punning, malicious (and wickedly funny) form of dementia, the seeming result of a run-in with another local witching family. Meanwhile, up at Chrestomanci Castle, Cat Chant (last seen in Charmed Life ) has inadvertently become the owner of a horse named Syracuse, whose powers include helping Cat recognize the presence of dwimmer, a mysterious, nature-oriented magic. On a trip to Ulverscote, Cat meets Marianne, recognizes her as a kindred spirit and becomes the caretaker of a mysterious egg they find in the attic of Gammer's house. Wild magic ensues as the egg hatches, long pent-up nature spirits are released, ugly secrets are revealed, and Marianne and Cat confront terrifying challenges. Longtime fans will be pleased to encounter Cat once again, and to watch the early stages of his friendship with Marianne unfold. Newcomers will relish the lavish storytelling, and doubtless be driven back to earlier books. Witty, wise and wonderfully imaginative this novel ranks among the author's best. Ages 10-14. (Oct.)

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Publishers Weekly Reviews 2007 November #1
"Witty, wise and wonderfully imaginative-this novel ranks among the author's best," PW said in a starred review of this addition to the Chrestomanci books. Ages 10-up. (Oct.) Copyright 2007 Reed Business Information.

School Library Journal Reviews 2006 October

Gr 4-8 Fans of Harry Potter will enjoy exploring the magical world of Ulverscote, which is every bit as enchanting as that of Hogwarts, though humbler by far. Part coming-of-age tale, part fantastical mystery, this sixth entry in the series is chock-full of interesting characters. Gammer Pinhoe is a manipulative and mentally unstable matriarch who secretly starts an all-out witch war with the neighboring clan. Her plan is discovered by her granddaughter, Marianne, a young witch beginning to come into her own magical powers. Marianne meets up with Cat, nine-lived enchanter and resident of Chrestomanci Castle, as well as Chrestomanci himself. They find a mysterious egg in Gammer's attic, which the girl cares for until it hatches into a charming baby griffin. Meanwhile, Chrestomanci keeps a watchful eye over all of this as he tries to figure out the mystery of the enchanted woods. In the end, Marianne uses her inner strength to help Cat free the creatures in the woods, and Chrestomanci restores peace among the witch families of Ulverscote. Although some children may be put off by the complicated plot and unfamiliar wording and references, Jones does a good job of entertaining readers with an interesting new world, strong characters, and a satisfying ending.Nicki Clausen-Grace, Carillon Elementary School, Oviedo, FL

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VOYA Reviews 2007 February
Two magical young people hone their powers and help restore the balance of magic in this glorious saga of enchanters, horses, griffins, cats, witches, bicycles, and flying machines. Cat, the nine-lived enchanter being groomed as the next Chrestomanci (overseer of magic in all worlds), and Marianne, member of the Pinhoe clan of undercover village witches and warlocks, discover a wonderfully strange egg in the Pinhoe's attic. Although Marianne finds it, Cat nurtures it and helps it hatch. Meanwhile Marianne is struggling to convince her family that their matriarch, Gammer Pinhoe, has gone mad and is directing fearful spells and curses against other local magical families, who of course, are shooting them right back against the Pinhoes. Only if Cat can help Marianne realize her own vast powers, learn to control his own new ability, and strengthen a weakened Chrestomanci can the mysterious creatures of woods and fields be released from their bondage, a powerful magician be restored as head of his family, and superstition be separated from magic forever Lovers of the Chrestomanci series will be thrilled to renew acquaintance with Cat, Chrestomanci, Roger, Julia, Janet, and Millie, while readers new to the books will be able to enter Jones's alternate world at this juncture without difficulty. This magnificent story, told by a true master of fantasy, seamlessly blends rollicking humor and adventure with hints of the darker elements that may dwell in both the natural world and in the souls of human beings.-Jamie S. Hansen PLB $18.89. ISBN 978-0-06-113125-7. 5Q 4P M J Copyright 2007 Voya Reviews.