Reviews for Perfect

VOYA Reviews 2007 December
The mysterious "A" is back, sending anonymous text messages and causing mayhem in the snobby town of Rosewood. In Flawless (HarperTeen, 2007/VOYA October 2007), the second novel of the Pretty Little Liar series, Alison's body was found in someone's backyard. This third book focuses on who killed her. Was it one of her close friends who also could have been an enemy? Alison was the seventh grader whom they all loved but secretly hated because she was cruel. Now Alison's friends are high school juniors and have drifted apart. But their secrets continue to haunt them, and someone else knows all about them-Hanna's bulimia, Aria's relationship with her English teacher, Emily's lesbianism, and Spencer's plagiarism. The girls have to figure out who "A" is, before "A" destroys them all. The girls are growing up, leading to the removal of the J rating that earlier books received. Emily and Maya kiss in the novel, and Aria and her English teacher sleep together right before he is arrested for sleeping with a student. But nothing is graphic or overdone. The stuck-up girls really get their comeuppance. "A" is not threatening anymore but instead getting revenge. This series is perfect for the A-List readers who would like a little mystery and suspense in their chick lit. Alloy Entertainment notes that a Pretty Little Liars pilot is being created for the CW network.-Sarah Hill 3Q 4P S Copyright 2007 Voya Reviews.