Reviews for Queste

Booklist Reviews 2008 May #2
The Septimus Heap series remains one of the best outcomes of the young-wizard furor catalyzed by Harry Potter. In Sage's solid fourth outing, Septimus, Jenna, and Beetle hope to retrieve two characters trapped in the past, but discover too late that their rescue mission has inadvertently launched Septimus into the larger, feared Queste that shadows every apprentice's destiny. The coincidence of the overlapping quests is a little hard to swallow, but everything else goes down easily thanks to vibrant storytelling and inventive flourishes. Copyright 2008 Booklist Reviews.

School Library Journal Reviews 2008 June

Gr 4-9-- Fans of Septimus's previous adventures will welcome Sage's latest installment with an eagerness the book deserves. There are fearsome dealings afoot for 12-year-old Septimus Heap, and this time they begin with the foolish Darke Magyk of Merrin Meredith. When Merrin summons Things to do his bidding and aids a malevolent ghost of the first Chief Hermetic Scribe, the result sends Septimus on a Queste. No apprentice has ever survived such an ordeal, but the boy is determined to use this chance to find his brother Nicko, now trapped in time in a mysterious place called the House of Foryx. With his sister Jenna and friend Beetle by his side, he will either succeed in rescuing Nicko and his girlfriend or fall victim to a curse that has claimed too many others. Newcomers to Sage's world would do very well to read earlier books in this series before embarking on this latest title. Characters are almost overly abundant and many crop up in a chapter called "Endings and Beginnings" without making an appearance in the rest of the book. But fans looking for enjoyable characters, a well-paced plot, and the author's customary use of humor and verve will not be disappointed in this newest chapter in Septimus's life.--Elizabeth Bird, New York Public Library

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VOYA Reviews 2008 August
The Heap family is again facing myriad challenges in the fourth of the enjoyable fantasy series, Septimus Heap. Nicko and Snorri are still stuck in the past, and Jenna is determined to mount a rescue. Meanwhile Merrin has grown tired of taking orders from Simon, so he unleashes Darke Magyk in his determination to take revenge on Sepitmus. The ghost of Tertius Fume uses Merrin's Darke Magyk to send Septimus on a Queste, but Septimus is accompanied by Jenna and Beetle, who help in his encounters with witches, an abyss, and howls of beasts on their way to the House of Foryx, the place where all times meet. Septimus manages to unravel the mystery behind the string of failed Questes, rescue Nicko and Snorri, and return with Jenna and Beetle to the Castle with the help of the inimitable Marcia Overstrand The multiple threads of Sage's saga require the reader's full attention, but her clever wit and enchanting cast, from Septimus to Spit Fyre to Stanley the messenger rat, will keep her audience happy. It is not a series to start in the middle: Sage is building her tale and counts on her readers' knowledge of earlier books for understanding of plot and character motivation. Quiet Septimus seems to be joining the ranks of reluctant hero in a delightful and engaging series that can be shelved alongside the Keys to the Kingdom and Pendragon series.-Mary Ann Darby PLB $18.89. ISBN 978-0-06-088208-2. 4Q 4P M J Copyright 2008 Voya Reviews.