Reviews for History of God : The 4,000 Year Quest

Library Journal Reviews 2004 November #1
Armstrong (Through the Narrow Gate) is a frequent commentator on Islam. This work, published before September 11, 2001, is a timeless and timely exploration of the differences and similarities among Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It takes an informative, sometimes witty, and contemplative approach to the subject. With a broad view, the author considers herself to be "a historian of ideas." Finding religion to be "highly problematic," she discusses the historical, philosophical, intellectual, and social developments during the ages that shaped the fundamental beliefs and practices of these faiths. She asserts that "strange as it may seem" to contemporary believers, "the idea of `God' developed in a market economy in a spirit of aggressive capitalism." Recommended for all academic and public libraries.-Pam Kingsbury, Univ. of North Alabama, Florence Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.