Reviews for Pan Y Mermelada Para Francisca / Bread And Jam for Frances

Horn Book Guide Reviews 1995
This Spanish translation of [cf2]Bread and Jam for Frances[cf1] (Harper) is written in a straightforward style incorporating authentic-sounding dialogue. As in the classic English version, the use of well-paced refrains invites participation, and readers will join in singing with Francisca about eating ""[cf2]mermelada todo el dfa[cf1]."" Copyright 1998 Horn Book Guide Reviews

Horn Book Guide Reviews 2009 Spring
The classic story about fussy eater Frances is here presented in easy reader format. The abridged text and modified design, including "recolored" illustrations, don't stand up to the original picture book version, but developing readers will have a sense of pride in being able to get through such an engaging story that's so clearly meant for them. Copyright 2009 Horn Book Guide Reviews.