Excerpts for Love, Hugs, Hope : When Scary Things Happen

Sometimes bad things happen to good people. Grownups work hard to protect you from harm. But they may even get hurt themselves. When tragedy happens you have lots of feelings inside. Fear Sadness Anger You may want to run away. Or fight against the bad. What do you do with all those feelings inside? Get them out! Talk about your feelings. Sometimes words don't seem good enough to tell what's inside you. But say the words anyway--as many as you want. Over and over. Again and again. It's okay to hug someone and cry. Or kick a pile of dirty clothes. You might want to hit a punching bag or your pillow. Create a story in your sandbox to let your feelings out. Dig in the dirt so you can plant some flowers. Draw Or paint your feelings. There are two rules about bad things you should always remember: Love chases away hate And light chases away the dark. Cuddle up with the adults close to you. They will keep you safe. Hug and hug and hug them to chase away your fear and sadness.