Excerpts for Goldilocks on CCTV

Goldilocks on CCTV

By John Agard

Frances Lincoln Children's Books

Copyright © 2012 John Agard
All right reserved.

ISBN: 9781847801838

Pumpkin Biker Cinderella

Don't mean to be a pain, Fairy Godmother.
But if it isn't too much bother,
Instead of turning a pumpkin into a coach
I'll tell you what - a motorbike would be grand.
No disrespect of course to your magic wand.

I'll eat up the highway with a roar and a rev
On what was once common veg.
Think what that would do for my street cred.
I'm sure you'll manage some mega horsepower.
After all you are my fairy godmother.

I can just see those faces at the ball
When I make my entrance, crash helmet and all.
They'll wonder who's that churning hellraiser
Dressed to the nines in daredevil leather.
They'll never guess it's me, ash-girl Cinderella.

Don't trouble yourself with silver slippers.
No, I'll be happy with my biker's boots.
And by the stroke of the midnight hour
I promise I'll be back - and that's the truth -
With some stranded heart for my pinion rider.

Why are you smiling, Fairy Godmother?


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