Excerpts for Cooking in a Can : More Campfire Recipes for Kids

Buddy Burner
A buddy burner is a small, easy-to-make stove perfect for cooking small amounts of food for one or two hungry campers. You make a buddy burner in a can. You'll want to make yours at least a day in advance.
What you need:
short, squat cans (like tuna, pet food, or pineapple cans)
corrugated cardboard, free from bright inks, wax, or tape
melted wax
What you do:
1. Cut strips of cardboard that are as tall as your can is high. Cut across the corrugation, so you can see the holes in the edge of the cardboard.
2. Roll up the cardboard and fit it snugly into the can. Cut a thin strip of cardboard 1/2-inch taller than the can. Put this strip in the spiral so it sticks out of the can. This is your wick.
3. Pour melted wax into the can, almost covering the cardboard.
Ta-da! You've made a buddy burner. Repeat this process to make as many as you'd like. When you're ready to cook, simply light the wick! You can use your slow-burning buddy burner to cook some of the recipes in this book. Another simple recipe you can make is toast. Using tongs, just hold a piece of bread above your buddy burner to make toast. A buddy burner should last for about an hour, but you may add chunks of wax when it's lit to add more fuel and increase cooking time. When finished, cover your buddy burner with a piece of foil larger than the mouth of the burner to put the fire out. Don't move the burner until the wax is hard and cool.

Howlin' Good Pizza Soup
Main dish
Make this recipe in a can
Serves 4 to 6
What you need:
1 tablespoon butter
1 cup sliced mushroom, green pepper, onion, or combination
1 cup meat (ground sausage, ground hamburger, or pepperoni chunks)
1 can (15 ounces) tomato sauce
1 can (15 ounces) stewed tomatoes
1 to 2 cups beef broth, vegetable broth, or water
shredded mozzarella cheese (optional)
goldfish crackers (optional)
What you do:
1. Preheat the can by placing it in or over the heat source. Wear oven mitts and use tongs when handling the hot can.
2. Melt the butter in the can. If your meat is raw, add it to the butter and stir with a wooden spoon or a clean stick until it is well browned.
3. Add the vegetables and stir until well cooked (about 3 minutes).
4. Add the tomato sauce, tomatoes, and broth. (Add the meat if it's precooked.)
5. Cover your soup with aluminum foil and cook until warm, about 15 minutes.
6. Top with mozzarella cheese or goldfish crackers, if using, and serve.
This soup is great served with a grilled cheese sandwich.
You can also make this recipe on a stove or grill.