Excerpts for Day Before

a different kind of day

Some mornings,
it's hard to get
out of bed.

Sleep lures you
like a stranger
with a piece of candy.

Follow me.
It will be okay.
I promise.

You know better,
but still you follow,
because you really do
love candy.

When you finally
open your eyes,
late for everything
and your whole day
you curse that bastard,
Mr. Sandman.

It's happened to me
a hundred times.
But not today.

Today was different.

Anticipation is the best
alarm there is, and it shook
me awake before
my phone even had
the chance.

As I move around my room
with my iPod on and earbuds in,
my girl P!nk sings strong,
and I feel like I have

The power to
let myself go,
let myself be,
let myself live
the next
twenty-four hours
in a way
I have never lived

© 2011 Lisa Schroeder