Excerpts for Undone Fairy Tale

An Undone Fairy Tale

By Ian Lendler

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Copyright © 2005 Ian Lendler
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-689-86677-7

Chapter One

This is Ned's dog, trevor. With a shark fin tied to his head. That's the closest Ned could get to a sea creature.

Look, we are trying to tell you a good story, but you're reading too fast.

Sir Wilbur said, "Your Pie-ness, I've given you the fiercest shark-dog around. I've completed your three tasks. I wish to marry your daughter." "Never!" cried the king. "And now that I'm protected by walls and moat, no one can take her pies from me!" And he threw all the knights out of the castle onto their tutus.

Actually, you can turn this page.

Ned spent all night on the next picture.

Thank you.

Later that night, an enormous pie appeared at the castle gates. "Bring it inside for my breakfast tomorrow," the king ordered. So his guards dragged the pie into the castle. But this was no ordinary pie. Sir Wilburn's men had baked it and hidden him inside.


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