Excerpts for Million Dots

A Million Dots

By Andrew Clements

Simon & Schuster Children's Publishing

Copyright © 2006 Andrew Clements
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-689-85824-6

Chapter One

DOT NUMBER 100,000

An adult sperm whale weighs as much as 100,000 pounds.

DOT NUMBER 133,381

The combined heights of the tallest mountain on each of the Earth's seven continents is 133,381 feet. Mount Kosciusko, Australia, 7,310 feet Mount Elbrus, Europe, 18,481 feet Vinson Massif, Antarctica, 16,067 feet Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa, 19,340 feet Mount McKinley, North America, 20,320 feet Mount Aconcagua, South America, 22,835 feet Mount Everest, Asia, 29,028 feet

DOT NUMBER 134,000

A person blinks about 134,000 times each week.

142,911 dots so far

DOT NUMBER 200,000

200,000 pennies would fill twenty-two one-gallon milk jugs.

DOT NUMBER 232,224

A stack of 232,224 shoe boxes would be three times taller than Mount Everest, the tallest mountain on Earth.

238,143 dots so far


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