Excerpts for Top of the Order

"Run out to the position you want to play," Coach claps.
I run to short, the best position on the field. Gig races to the mound. Diego takes first and Tony Cerrato's at third. In the outfield, Isaac's in center, Steve Stein's in left, and Cole Gunderson's in right. Behind the plate, Noah Hauser is catching. But nobody is at second.
As I blow a bubble, I turn to see a clatter on the hill behind first base. A boy on a bike is racing toward us. He pulls up to the fence and leans the bike down.
Then I realize it's not a boy. It's Gig's sister, Sydney. What happened? Why is she here?
She pulls a black glove out of her backpack. "I want to play."
I look at Gig on the mound. His mouth is open and his eyes are bugging out. Everyone else, including Coach, is staring at Sydney as she walks onto the field.
Who does she think she is?