Biography for Theft of the Samurai Sword : Japan

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Elizabeth Singer Hunt is originally from New Orleans and now lives in San Francisco. She moved to the UK in 1999 for an MA in South-east Asian studies and then worked in brand marketing. Inspired by her love of travel and the birth of her son, she created the Jack Stalwart series. Originally published by the author under the imprint Chubby Cheeks, the Jack Stalwart series sold over 10,000 in the UK before being bought by Random House UK, which has sold over 56,000 of its editions.

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Elizabeth Singer Hunt is the author of the wildly popular Secret Agent Jack Stalwart series for younger readers. The series has been named a 'must read' for boys by the British Education Secretary and was selected for inclusion in the Richard and Judy Children's Book Club (UK; 2007). Recently, it was serialized by the BBC Radio 4's Big Toe Books program.

The author lives with her family in northern California. For more information about Elizabeth and the Jack Stalwart series, visit