Biography for Smarter Science of Slim : What the Actual Experts Have Proven About Weight Loss, Health, and Fitness

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Jonathan Bailor has a proven track record for solving tough problems. As the holder of over 20 US Patents, Bailor was the inventor of the marque feature in Microsoft Office 2010. As an entrepreneur, Bailor has started successful businesses, authored three critically acclaimed books, produced a promotional magazine and helped develop a radio show.Early in his life, Bailor became an exercise and fitness devotee...spending hours in the gym, carefully monitoring his diet and exercise. During this time, Bailor began to suspect that much of what society had been told about diet and exercise was based on trendy opinions spurred by corporate advertising hype... and not scientific fact. Thus began Bailor's most intensive work...a ten year odyssey to interview top medical researchers and to review thousands of scientific papers related to diet, exercise and the facts of fat loss. The result is Bailor's new series of Smarter Science of Slim books, which have already been hailed by top medical professionals, athletes and health science researchers."Proven and practical." - Dr. Theodoros Kelesidis Harvard & UCLA Medical Schools "The latest and best scientific research." - Dr. John J. Ratey Harvard Medical School "An important piece of work." - Dr. Anthony Accurso Johns Hopkins "Smart and health promoting." - Dr. JoAnn E. Manson Harvard Medical School "The last diet book you will ever need to buy." - Dr. Larry Dossey Medical City Dallas Hospital "Revolutionary, surprising, and scientifically sound." - Dr. Jan Frid?n University of Gothenburg "Compelling, simple, and practical." - Dr. Steve Yeaman Newcastle University "Stimulating and provocative." - Dr. S?ren Toubro University of Copenhagen "Amazing and important research." - Dr. Wayne Westcott Quincy College "Brilliant. Will end your confusion once and for all." - Dr. William Davis Fellowship of the American College of Cardiology "Bailor's work stands alone." - Maik Wiedenbach, Olympic Athlete "Bailor opens the black box of fat loss and makes it simple for you to explore the facts." - Joel Harper, Oprah and Dr. Oz Show fitness expert