Biography for Thirsty

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Born in the projects and bred in the hood. Mike Sanders is a hustler by choice and an author by force. Being from the grimy streets of Charlotte, North Carolina, he had two choices, thug it out and break his mother's heart or do it legit and make her proud. He did both. As a result, he spent the majority of his adult life in the penal system. In 1990 he was sentenced to four years, but released in 1991 to be convicted in 1992 and sentenced to five years, each time for drug related offenses. He was released in 1995. In 1997 Mike Sanders was convicted of a federal drug conspiracy, which resulted in a fifteen-year sentence. While incarcerated, writing became his outlet; whereas, he penned his first novel, Hustlin' Backwards, in 2001. It was published in 2004 through Black Pearl Books, which at that time was a well-respected up and coming publishing house. His second novel, Snitch, the sequel to Hustlin' Backwards, was released eighteen months later. Looking back on his life Mike Sanders admits, "I am glad to say that after eleven long years of incarceration I am finally a free man and I am also no longer with Black Pearl." His third novel entitled Thirsty will be released on March 21, 2009, by Wahida Clark Presents Publishing (WCP). Mike Sanders' style is street, raw, and he has an imagination that's in overdrive. If you are a fan of the first two novels, you are going to love Thirsty. Mike Sanders can be reached at: and