Biography for Cinderlily : A Floral Fairy Tale in Three Acts

Random House, Inc.
Christine Tagg says, "I have always loved the idea of giving a traditional fairy tale an unusual twist, and when I first saw David's amazing theatrical flower pictures I knew this was the perfect opportunity to let my imagination bloom! Gardening will never be the same again." The author of METAL MUTZ!, also illustrated by David Ellwand, she lives in West Yorkshire, England, with her daughter, two cats, two mice, and ten guinea pigs.

David Ellwand is the creator and photographer of FAIRIE-ALITY: THE FASHION COLLECTION FROM THE HOUSE OF ELLWAND, a spectacular and award-winning book of fashions for fairies. Previously he collaborated with Christine Tagg on METAL MUTZ!, a pop-up book of clever dog sculptures that were first constructed out of scrap metal and then photographed. Of CINDERLILY, he says, "This book is the realization of a vision I had about five years ago, informed by many years of photographing flowers, the continuing use of natural materials in my work, and the marvels of modern computer technology. All the poses are based on actual ballet and gymnastic moves - Cinderlily's jumps are based on the great Olga Korbut!