Biography for All Mixed Up!

Penguin Putnam
The Wayans Family is known for outstanding comedy, and Kim Wayans boasts an impressive track record with her acting, writing, producing, and directing. Kim made her debut in the 1990s, starring in the groundbreaking sketch-comedy show In Living Color, with brothers Keenen, Damon, Shawn, and Marlon. Most recently, Kim and her husband, Kevin Knotts, both worked on the TV sitcom My Wife and Kids; Kim as a writer, producer, and director, and Kevin as an actor and writer.

Kevin Knotts is an actor and writer. In addition to guest starring on and writing for My Wife and Kids, Kevin has penned three screenplays, one with his wife and writing partner, Kim Wayans. They live in Los Angeles, California.

Soo Jeong lives in Los Angeles, California.