Biography for Caddie Woodlawn

Simon and Schuster
Carol Ryrie Brink The late Carol Ryrie Brink was born and grew up in Idaho. Her mother was the daughter of a New England pioneer doctor; her father came to America From Scotland when he was twenty, and he was the first mayor of the small town of Moscow, where she was born. Mrs. Brink lived and traveled in Europe for several years; the European setting appears in several of her books, including her first children's book, Anything Can Happen On The River, an adventure set in France. She says, "Some of my books, such as The Pink Motel, have been creations of my fancy; but even in these books I like to preserve a core of reality and some sort of tie-in with my own personal experience. The first hand element gives satisfaction to both author and reader in any fictional re-creation. Books which lack the author's own experience of living rarely move the reader." Carol Ryrie Brink has written two dozen books, both for children and adults, many of which have been translated into foreign languages.