Annotations for El Mapa Perdido / Lucinda's Secret : El Mapa Perdido

Baker & Taylor
With goblins, trolls, and the house boggart all trying to get them, the Grace children turn to Great Aunt Lucinda for help.

Independent Publishing Group
With their "true story" setup and breathless warnings, "Go away/close the book/put it down/do not look," the Spiderwick Chronicles series contains an intensely absorbing world of mystery, faeries, and imagination. Each book is irresistibly appealing, providing snappy plot progression, and dozens of imaginative pen-and-ink drawings.

The Grace children visit their "crazy" old Aunt Lucinda for help in deciding the fate of the troublesome book Field Guide to the Fantastical World Around You. Together they discover much of the Spiderwick family history, catch glimpses of ominous events to come, and meet many new faeries.