Annotations for Josephine's Dream

Baker & Taylor
Blending history and fiction, this inspirational story of Josephine Baker's childhood, capturing her dreams and performances, details her struggle to see her name in lights in America in the 1920s and her involvement in the Civil Rights Movement.

Independent Publishing Group
The fictional story of Josephine Baker's childhood, this picture book showcases the dreams and the performances of this figure of the American civil rights movement. Born poor in money but rich in talent, Josephine Baker sang, danced, crossed her eyes, knocked her knees, and made crazy, funny faceseventually stealing the show. She discovered it was hard for a black performer to see her name in lights in America in the 1920s, so she packed her bags and went to France, where she later joined the French underground during World War II. After her return to America, she joined Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., speaking at the March on Washingtonthe only woman to do so. With lively illustrations, this book blends history and fiction, capturing this important figure's ambitions and dreams.