Annotations for Scott Pilgrim & the Infinite Sadness 3

Baker & Taylor
Scott has to deal with his new girlfriend's seven evil ex-boyfriends while his band tries to get ready to open a rock show starring a band fronted by an ex-girlfriend of his own.

Diamond Comics Distributors
- Ramona's third evil ex-boyfriend, Todd Ingram, is currently dating the former love of Scott Pilgrim's life! Envy Adams broke Scott's heart a year and a half ago. Now she and her evil art-rock band are back, and they're getting Scott's band to open a show two days from now! That's just enough time for Scott to fight Todd, keep Ramona happy, fend off demented ex-girlfriends, and practice that new setlist. Right?? Don't miss the latest chapter in the graphic novel saga The Globe and Mail calls "Canada's answer to Tank Girl!"