Annotations for Yvor Winters : Selected Poems

Baker & Taylor
Evaluates the writer's controversial influence as a critic and teacher, noting his use of the natural world as well as personal subjects in his poetry, in a collection that is comprised of his free early works through his later meditative neoclassical pieces.

Penguin Putnam
As critic and teacher, Yvor Winters was one of the most controversial and influential figures of his time. He criticized the likes of Eliot and Henry James, was called by the chair of his English department "a disgrace," and taught such major poets as Robert Pinsky and Philip Levine. As a poet, he created a moving body of work featuring natural and personal subjects and dramatic formal experiments. The American Poets Project presents the largest collection of his work ever published. Selected by celebrated poet Thom Gunn, a friend and former student of Winters, this volume begins with early free verse and culminates in late meditative neoclassical masterpieces.