Annotations for Secret Agent Y.O.U. : The Official Guide to Secret Codes, Disguises, Surveillance And More

Baker & Taylor
Tips and tricks for creating disguises, cracking secret codes, and tailing the enemy includes training exercises and quirky facts of things that have worked--and things that have failed--in the real practice of espionage.

Perseus Publishing
Any kid who's ever trained a gerbil, solved a crossword, or performed a magic trick has what it takes to become the next 007. This action-packed book readies readers for the world of clandestine affairs with a lively lineup of games and activities. Kids learn how to conduct surveillance, write in code, improve reflexes by dodging poisoned darts (or at least chicken drumsticks), and create disguises so artful they even fool the dog. These super-secret missions build skills required not only in the spy world ? imagination, awareness, and physical fitness ? but also in everyday life. Colorful cartoon-style illustrations add to the fun.