Annotations for Weapons of War : From Axes to War Hammers, Weapons from the Age of Hand-to-Hand Fighting

Baker & Taylor
Describes the development of weapons from prehistoric clubs to the first firearms, including spears, javelins, swords, maces, axes, polearms, bows, and siege engines; explains how they worked; and details their effects in battle and on history.

Blasting history out of the dusty realm of textbooks, Weapons of War is a bloody and fascinating journey into the past. This fact-packed volume looks at 13 legendary weapon categories, from the earliest spears, swords, and bows right up to the first guns and cannons. It explains how each weapon developed, who used it, and the battles that were won with it. Packed with illustrations, Weapons of War immerses young readers in the reality of long-ago warfare, while six special items provide an interactive experience that will keep them glued to the book for hours.