Annotations for Baby Costumes : 24 Easy And Adorable Outfits to Make for Infants And Toddlers

Hachette Book Group
Beautiful costume projects to make for infants, and toddlers ages five months to three years. Step-by-step instructions, accompanied by photographs, clearly explain how to make each simple but imaginative costume. Every project starts with a onesie or other basic baby clothes, which are then embellished by dying, quilting, and/or simple sewing using all sorts of safe, baby-friendly materials and accoutrements. There are also more involved projects for the more advanced crafter. Projects include: lobster, snowflake, caterpillar, mermaid, solar system, peacock, honeycomb, robot, peapod, cabbage, butterfly, swan, angel, owl, porcupine, flamingo, goldfish, turtle, frog, fairy, toadstool, flowerbud, dragonfly, corn on the cob, lion, and dragon.