Annotations for Explore Electricity! : With 25 Great Projects

Baker & Taylor
Introduces young readers to electricity, including batteries, generators, and magnetism, and contains twenty-five projects for electricity-related science experiments.

Independent Publishing Group

Serving as an introduction to electricity, this activity book explains the workings of batteries, simple circuits, conductors and insulators, motors and generators, electricity and magnetism, and the steps being taken toward more Earth-friendly electricity. The 25 simple projects--which include making a clothespin switch, a lemon battery, a compass, an electromagnet, a flashlight, and generating "lightning"--will reinforce the lessons through fun and experience, and young readers will advance their understanding of electricity further with the fun bits of trivia, sidebars, and jokes found throughout the book. Combining smart content presented in digestible chapters with engaging illustrations that flesh out explanations, the book is equal parts education and entertainment.

Perseus Publishing

Given the pace of how we harness and utilize electricity, as well as the importance of developing new sources of energy, electricity is a timely subject for kids to explore. In Explore Electricity! With 25 Great Projects, kids ages 6-9 will learn the basics of electricity: currents, circuits, power, magnetism and electromagnetism, motors and generators. They'll become more attuned to how much they rely on electricity in their daily lives. They'll also understand that while electricity is a wonderful resource, and one we've used to our advantage ever since it was discovered, the future of how we make and use electricity is still changing and there are things they can do today to impact these changes.

This title invites kids to experiment on their own with 25 simple projects that will ?spark" their learning and enthusiasm, including making their own clothespin switch, lemon battery, compass, electromagnet, and flashlight, as well as generating their own ?lightning." These hands-on activities combined with informational text will excite kids about STEM? the interrelated fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.