Annotations for Explore Native American Cultures!

Baker & Taylor
Combines humor and hands-on projects to introduce children to Native American culture, sharing engaging facts about their community life and relationships with outsiders while offering such activities as learning Native American sign language, making a birchbark canoe and building a decorative totem pole out of marshmallows. Original.

Independent Publishing Group

Packed with fascinating stories about the America's first peoples, this children's activity book uses humor and hands-on projects to outline Native Americans ways of life, beliefs, festivals, technology, and arts and crafts. The projects and games, which encourage children to investigate the culture of Native Americans and how they learned to survive, built thriving communities, and interacted with European explorers and settlers, are outlined with clear step-by-step instructions and diagrams, and require minimal adult supervision. Designed to stimulate the imagination, the activities include learning Native American sign language, creating a salt dough map of the Native American regions, building a longhouse dwelling, making a birchbark canoe, turning marshmallows into decorative totem poles, and playing Inuit tug-o-war. A Madlibs-inspired section provides hilarious fun and fosters vocabulary learning.

Perseus Publishing

Explore Native American Cultures! with 25 Great Projects introduces readers to seven main Native American cultural regions, from the northeast woodlands to the Northwest tribes. It encourages readers to investigate the daily activitiesincluding the rituals, beliefs, and longstanding traditionsof America's First People. Where did they live? How did they learn to survive and build thriving communities? This book also investigates the negative impact European explorers and settlers had on Native Americans, giving readers a glimpse into the complicated history of Native Americans.

Readers will enjoy the fascinating stories about America's First People as leaders, inventors, diplomats, and artists. To enrich the historical information, hands-on activities bring to life each region's traditions, including region-specific festivals, technology, and art. Readers can learn Native American sign language and create a salt dough map of the Native American regions. Each project is outlined with clear step-by-step instructions and diagrams, and requires minimal adult supervision.