Annotations for Firefighters to the Rescue

Baker & Taylor
Describes the work that fire fighters do in the city, in the forest, and at sea, and discusses their preparation and training and why people become fire fighters.

Bearport Pub Co Inc
Whether jumping out of a plane to help stop a deadly wildfire from destroying a forest or racing in an ambulance to rescue a family from a burning building, it's all in a day's work for these brave heroes who have dedicated their careers to saving people's lives. In this gripping new book, children will meet the firefighters who are first on the scene when people need help the most. Dramatic true stories will keep readers turning the pages as they learn first-hand how these courageous workers use their quick thinking and expert emergency skills to come to the aid of people at a moment's notice. In addition, they will go behind the scenes to learn how these everyday heroes prepare and train for their job so that they are always ready to spring into action--even when they least expect it.