Annotations for Fallacy of Fine-Tuning : Why the Universe Is Not Designed for Us

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Having already written several books analyzing scientific evidence for the existence of God, Stenger (philosophy, U. of Colorado) now fixes his mental microscope on the theory of intelligent design and the anthropic principles that have been proposed to support creationism. Previous courses in physics and calculus will make the cosmology, gravity, chemistry, physical parameter, and probability discussions easier to digest. Annotation ©2011 Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (

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A number of authors have noted that if some physical parameters were slightly changed, the universe could no longer support life, as we know it. This implies that life depends sensitively on the physics of our universe. Does this "fine-tuning" of the universe suggest that a creator god intentionally calibrated the initial conditions of the universe such that life on earth and the evolution of humanity would eventually emerge? In his in-depth and highly accessible discussion of this fascinating and controversial topic, the author looks at the evidence and comes to the opposite conclusion. He finds that the observations of science and our naked senses not only show no evidence for God, they provide evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that God does not exist.