Annotations for Big Brave Daddy

Baker & Taylor
Charlie looks forward to the day when he can exchange his sled for skis, his tricycle for a racing bike, and join in big, daring adventures with the Daddy he loves.

Perseus Publishing
A simple, interactive portrait of a young mouse boy and his daddy forging a now-and-forever bond through sports and activities. Someday Charlie will be big and brave--just like his daddy! From climbing up the slide to climbing a mountain, a boy looks to his dad for what he can do now, and what they'll someday do together. Celebrates the role physical activity plays in parent-child relationships and how it can lead to lifelong connections. Gatefolds reveal the daddy-equivalent of the boy's activities, and how they'll share activity-based adventures when the boy becomes bigger (and braver!).

Random House, Inc.
According to Charlie, his dad can do anything! How brave is Charlie's dad? He can ski down a mountain. And Charlie is brave in his own, kid-sized way--he can sled down a hill! Both Charlie and his father are daring: Charlie's dad can climb a mountain, and Charlie can climb the slide.