Annotations for Art Quilt Maps : Capture a Sense of Place With Fiber Collage-A Visual Guide

Baker & Taylor
Presents instructions on how to make quilted maps using fabric collage techniques and designs based on maps, and features a photo gallery of quilt maps by the author and her students.

Transform the places you love--and places you've always imagined or wanted to see--into hypnotic art quilts. Award-winning artist Valerie Goodwin shows you how to make quilted maps with easy fabric collage techniques and innovative designs based on maps of your favorite places. Find inspiration in real and imaginary sites; in old maps; in poetry; and in memories. Transform a place's essential lines and shapes into quilt designs. Make luminous textures with fabric layering, paints, stamps, stencils, drawing, and appliqué. Fully illustrated guide features a large photo gallery of quilt maps by Valerie and her students.